Four Tips for Meeting Room Etiquette

As far as Connecticut meeting spaces, OfficePlace is one of the most laid-back places in the state. Our staff is down to earth, and our booking options are easy and flexible. All of our clients are wonderful, and we have never had an issue with using them using our meeting spaces improperly. If you are looking for Connecticut meeting space, there are some guidelines for etiquette that we ask that you abide by. If you have any questions about the following four tips for meeting room etiquette, please reach out to us. We can be very accommodating to special requests.

Four Tips for Meeting Room Etiquette

Book a Meeting Room Early

We pride ourselves on providing a clean and organized meeting space for our clients. Booking your meeting space early allows us to ensure it is properly prepared for you. We can accept walk ins, but it is possible that even if the meeting space you are interested in appears empty, it could be booked for later that day. Booking in advance is always a better idea. It keeps both us, you, and our other clients in the loop. We ask for bookings to be at least twenty-four hours in advance.

Adhere to Your Scheduled Time

It is always important to arrive for a meeting on time and then to leave on time. Arriving too early may interrupt our ability to clean the room properly. It is said that a good buffer time is five to ten minutes before or after the other meeting ends. Leaving on time is also important. Even if there is no reservation right after yours, we still need time to sanitize the room before the next reservation comes in. It also gives us time to stock the room with pens, water, dry erase markers, and other items.

Cancel Early
If you book a meeting space and find that you cannot hold the meeting later, canceling early or rescheduling is usually the best option. It frees up time and booking availability for another group to go forward with their meeting. Cancellations aren’t great but letting us know early ensures that we can rebook the meeting space, so it does not go unused. Canceling at least twenty-four hours in advance is usually optimal and gives us enough time to book the space again.

Keep it Neat

We understand that meetings can get messy within minutes. Papers, pens, coffee cups may end up strewn about while a productive meeting is going on. If your meeting involves a lunch and learn it can get even messier. We always sanitize and clean our rooms after meetings but throwing away your trash in the receptacles we provide always helps!

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