You’ve just been tasked to find the perfect Conference or Meeting Room for your remote team. Where do you start? Right here.

OfficePlace has compiled a list of things to consider making it easier for you when searching for a CT conference room in 2024:

Capacity, Availability & Cost
Amenities & Technology
Customer Service & Support
Flexible Hours


Is the Conference or Meeting room conveniently located?

You want to find a conference or meeting space that is convenient for your guests. A lot can be accomplished by collaborating in person as a team, meeting witha client, or holding a training session in a clean, professional space. A well-equipped office space is sure to leave an impression and aid in productivity.

OfficePlace is conveniently located right in the center of Connecticut. I-91, Exit 21, Junction Route 9, Cromwell—Middletown line and is Central Connecticut’s premier Conference Center and Small Office Space headquarters.

Capacity, Availability & Cost

When searching for a CT conference room in 2024, why pay for more room than you need? Your goal is to find a space with accurate capacity within your budget. You don’t want to be stuck in an uncomfortable room that is too small or pay for a conference room that is simply too large for your sized group. Look online for images of the actual conference space and configuration options so you won’t be surprised when you arrive. At OfficePlace, it is simple to find the conference room sized and configured perfectly for your needs AND budget! OfficePlace offers hi-tech Conference and Meeting Rooms of all sizes as well as Virtual Offices and Office Suites.

At, you can check availability and book a room online, view room sizes and cost options, schedule a free tour, contact Kate @ or call us at 860-419-5900. It’s easy!

Amenities & Technology

Is the Conference Room Fully Furnished?

This question goes beyond the basic needs of tables and chairs. You will want to make sure the conference room you are interested in has all the tools that you need to run a successful meeting. For example, does the conference room include at least one large monitor, a whiteboard for brainstorming, and a flip chart/notepad? Most company meetings involve some sort of presentation that requires you to share your PowerPoint or Google Slides file with the rest of the room. You will want to make sure the conference room you are considering has at least one large wall monitor. This not only makes it easy for you to share your presentation, but also for your attendees to see the screen. All of these elements are key to running a productive meeting and OfficePlace offers them all.

What is the Speed of the Internet Connection?

A stable internet connection is crucial if you plan on hosting a video conference. Searching for a CT conference room in 2024, you want to make sure to ask about the speed of the internet connection before you make a reservation. OfficePlace offers 500 MBPS for a speedy and reliable connection.

Is the Conference Room Seating Arrangement Configurable?

Some conference rooms lack flexibility with the layout of tables and chairs due to size, while other meeting rooms offer a variety of arrangements. How you decide to arrange the seating for your room can have a direct impact on the success and productivity of your meeting, conference or training session. OfficePlace offers configurable seating arrangements to best suit your needs. With our years of experience, we can suggest what will work best for your specific type of meeting or training session and help direct the focus of your attendees where it needs to be.

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Will I have access to a Pro Zoom Account?

If you don’t have your own Pro Zoom account, ask if the meeting room rental company has one. OfficePlace offers all of our meeting room clients the use of our Pro Zoom account. Take a look at what else OfficePlace has to offer here.

Is Catering Available?

This is a crucial question for meetings that will run all day and for those around lunchtime. Since your guests will be traveling to this location and may not be familiar with the area, you will want to ask if catering is available. The option to add catering to your meeting room reservation adds an element of convenience to you and your conference room guests. This also helps save some time since your guests don’t need to get in their cars and drive to get breakfast or lunch. Having breakfast and lunch already setup will help keep your meetings running smoothly and will keep your guests fed and happy! OfficePlace offers catering assistance or you can arrange catering of your choice for delivery.

Do you have a Kitchen or Coffee Station?

For shorter meetings, it is nice to take a break to grab a fresh cup of coffee, tea or water. If you have an all-day meeting or a meeting that goes through lunch time, a conference room center with a kitchen allows your guests to store their lunches in a refrigerator. This also gives them a place to eat and take a break from the meeting. OfficePlace has a café kitchen which is perfect for a break from the meeting or a phone call. Coffee, water and snacks are always available.


Is There an Extra Charge for Printing Documents?

Most conference room centers offer printing services, but this could come at an additional cost. Just be aware when looking for potential conference rooms that you might need to print documents before, during or after the meeting and that it’s always good to know what the costs are.

Is Free Parking available?

This is a key question for any locations, especially those in an urban setting. If your meeting guests are driving into a city to attend your meeting, they will want to know if parking is free, will it be validated or do they have to pay. Parking for a few hours in any city can be expensive. At OfficePlace, there is plenty of parking and it is always FREE.

Customer Service & Support

Are Staff Members Onsite to Assist with Technical Questions?

On the day of your meeting or training session, you are going to be focused on making sure everything is prepared and running smoothly. While you might have some level of technical expertise when it comes to screen sharing and running video meetings, it is helpful to have a staff member onsite who is available to help with any questions. As much as you may try to prepare for every scenario, there are times when technical glitches happen and you want that peace of mind that a staff member is right there to help. At OfficePlace, our on-site staff can address any issue that may arise relieving any stress that you may have and ensuring that your meeting continues to move along smoothly. 

Are There Flexible Conference Room Rental Terms?

Make sure you are not paying for time you don’t need. Ask the meeting room rental company if they have flexible rental terms. The answer to this question will give you a good indication as to whether or not the conference room rental company is a good partner to work with. If they value your business and want to treat you right, they will offer flexible terms such as hourly, half day and full day rentals. Be very weary of any company that only offers a full day rental term even if you only need the room for a couple of hours.

Do you have Directional Signage?

You want to make sure the experience of your guests is as smooth as possible.  If the conference room facility you are considering is a large building with multiple floors, make sure there is directional signage for your guests so they know where to go. Even though you probably will send detailed directions in the email, it is always good practice to provide your guests with a clear path to the meeting room. This is especially important if there are other meeting rooms next to you that are occupied. You don’t want your guests accidentally walking into the wrong room! At OfficePlace, a member of the OfficePlace team will be there to greet new clients for their first meeting.  We also place signage on entry doors and in the hallways with your name, name of the room and suite number so your reserved space can be found easily.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

You just never know when plans change so be sure to check with the staff about the cancellation policy and the actions that you are required to take if you need to cancel. At OfficePlace, preferred cancellation is no later than 24 hours prior to the reserved start time. If notice of cancellation falls within the 24 hours prior to start time, then charge is 50% your total charge. No shows with no notice are charged the full rate.

Flexible Hours

You will find while searching for a CT conference room, not all businesses follow the traditional 9-5 hours, especially if you are a small business or a startup. You want to make sure the conference room facility you are looking at offers you the meeting time flexibility that you need. If you plan on having a couple of marathon sessions during the afternoon, you want to make sure that you can stay in the room as long as needed and not have to worry about wrapping the meeting up at 5pm since the doors are closing.

Extended hours also afford you the ability to meet in the evening if that is better for your group. Also, check the days that the facility is open. Can you book a meeting room or conference room on a Saturday or Sunday if needed?

These are many of the aspects of a Conference Room rental that you should consider before you schedule. Lucky for you, Connecticut has OfficePlace. Call Kate to schedule a free tour!

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