Three Ways to Impress Your Clients Before a Meeting

Adding small and simple touches to a first meeting or even the second meeting with a client can have a big impact on them. Making the client feel welcome and enhancing their experience with you helps you develop a great relationship with them and can help you keep that relationship. OfficePlace is centrally located in Connecticut and we have several meeting and conference rooms for rent. We observe several meetings each week in our facility and we have learned some great ways to impress your clients before a meeting. Read on to learn more.

Make your clients feel welcome.

A warm handshake and hello are always a great way to make a client feel welcome but if you are meeting them for the first time, a welcome sign is even better. It may sound a bit elementary, but it is a quick and subtle way to let your client or potential client know that you are excited to meet with them. It is similar to getting a welcoming party at the airport.

Enhance the atmosphere of your meeting room.

Even if you are renting a meeting room from us, it is always a great idea to include something that enhances and personalizes it. At the meetings, we usually see things such as fresh flowers, candy, or even artwork. If your client or potential client has a favorite artist or even candy, that will also show that you are willing to go the extra mile for them. Some of our meeting room renters even play music to enhance the atmosphere.

Impress meeting attendees with food.

Everyone loves food so making it a part of the meeting will always impress clients and potential clients. Whether the meeting is a short or long one, food is a must. OfficePlace is right down the street from several great restaurants in Cromwell, CT. Food can be one of the biggest parts of a meeting so be sure it represents how you want your client to perceive your business.

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