Four Tips on Hosting a Great Teleconference or Video Call

All of the meeting and conference rooms at OfficePlace include free of charge teleconferencing and video equipment. Many of our meeting room renters choose to use us specifically for this reason. In the age of COVID 19, teleconferencing and video conferencing became extremely common. Even now that the pandemic has been winding down, teleconferencing and video conferencing are still very relevant and even more popular than before. If you are planning on hosting a video or teleconferencing meeting, read on to learn four tips on hosting a great teleconference or video call.

Create a detailed agenda ahead of time.

In another article, What it Takes to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting, we talked about how having an agenda was one of the most important things that must be done before a meeting. Having an agenda prepared for a conference call keeps everyone up to date on their roles and responsibilities on the call. Your virtual participants will have an easier time following along and transitioning to each part of your pre-written agenda.

Make sure your software and equipment work ahead of time.

If you are in charge of setting up the video or conference call, make sure you or another person know how to use the technology. Find out what is included on the meeting agenda and make sure you know how to do the things in the agenda. For example, if you need to screen-share with the client, make sure you know how to do it and that it will work.

Appoint a leader for the call.

Having a leader to keep the call on track will help participants out on both sides. The leader should assure participation by everyone including those that are hosting the meeting and those who are on the video or conference call. The leader can also ask for comments at the end of each agenda piece and ensure everyone has had their chance to make comments. They can also clue into the participant’s enjoyment of the meeting by picking up on physical and visuals from the participants.

Assign someone on both sides to take notes.

Each call you schedule should end with a quick recap and a review of the next steps. After typing up a recap and notes, the material should be sent out by email to all participants. If another video or conference call needs to happen after the initial meeting, the follow-up email should include dates for the next one.

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