Because OfficePlace is in such a centralized location, we often see individuals from other states that have come to attend meetings. Our meeting rooms are great for companies that are remote-based or need a place for their employees to meet in person at certain times of the year. Preparing for your first business trip can be a bit overwhelming, especially in the time of COVID-19. Read on to learn some tips on preparing for an out-of-state business meeting.

Tips on Preparing for an Out of State Business Meeting

Pack the essentials for your business trip.

OfficePlace offers several amenities for meetings, so you don’t have to worry about bringing about items like video conferencing equipment and teleconferencing items. You should, however, bring other items such as business-appropriate clothing, toiletries, personal electronic devices, and business cards. If it helps, you should always make a list before leaving for the trip.

Make the transportation arrangements in advance.

Whether you’re driving, riding, or flying to your out-of-state meeting, it’s always a good idea to make the arrangements in advance. Not waiting until the last minute may allow you to lock in a good price and gives you the option of finding a good car or train or plane seat. You’ll also want to make your accommodation arrangements in advance, so you are guaranteed to have a place to stay if you need to.

Add important addresses in your phone ahead of time.

Having the addresses of your meeting destination plugged into the maps app on your phone can help you arrive at your destination on time. It can also help you get back to your hotel quickly after attending a long and tiresome meeting. It also doesn’t hurt to save the addresses of local eateries so that you can have dinner after the meeting.

Prepare an itinerary for the trip and meeting.

Having an itinerary will you help stay a step ahead of everything while on the trip. If the itinerary is cloud-based, you can share it with your colleagues. The itinerary should include a schedule, meeting topics, presentation times, and the end goal of the meeting. It doesn’t hurt to also include the times and dates for travel to and from the location. Missing a flight can throw a wrench into beginning the project that the meeting may have been about.

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