Tips on Hosting a Successful Career Fair

OfficePlace has had an uptick in inquiries asking for private meeting rooms for rent for company interviews. There is a hiring boom happening, but some companies are still opting for their employees to work remotely. Even though some of these employees are working from home, employers are still conducting in-person interviews at hiring events. We have several conference and meeting rooms that would be perfect for hosting a hiring event or conducting interviews. If you want to have virtual interviews, all our rooms have teleconferencing and video equipment that come with the usage of our conference and meeting rooms. Read on to learn our tips on hosting a successful career fair.

How to promote a company hiring event.

Without good promotion, a hiring event is destined to fail. Work with your Human Resources department to get people in the door for a company hiring event. The best places to advertise for the hiring event would be the newspaper, your company’s website, or a venue such as the local chamber of commerce. It can also be promoted as an event on social media. Wherever you end up advertising, remember to add easy-to-find contact information in case the person needs to reschedule their interview or cannot come to the event and would like to schedule an alternate time for an interview.

Demonstrate how the company works and how the business operates.

Having a hiring fair is not all about finding out about potential employees. It is also about showcasing how your company works and how you conduct operations. If you can do them, live demonstrations of day-to-day operations are a great way to show potential employees what they can look forward to. You can also set up activities to evaluate the communication style and skillsets of the job seekers. If you sell products, you should have a hands-on experience available so the potential employees can truly experience everything that they might be working with at your company.

Decide how you’re going to conduct your interviews.

There are many ways to conduct interviews these days as opposed to simple face to face ones. You can hold speed networking sessions, have the option for virtual interviews, or have round table interviews if you are looking to hire more than one employee. Always post your available positions ahead of time so that job seekers are aware of what is available. This will also help them decide if they have the right skill set for the positions you are offering.

OfficePlace is a great choice when making the decision as to where you should hold your hiring fair. We have large and small conference rooms for rent. These can be utilized for the career fair itself, interviews, and virtual interviews. We hope you enjoyed our article this week on tips on hosting a successful career fair. Contact us to learn more.

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