Selecting office space for the first time can be one of the most exciting times for an entrepreneur. It can also be a stressful time because of all the factors that go into choosing the office. Cost, size, and layout are all things to consider when renting office space. At OfficePlace, we offer our tenants several perks that make your first rental experience positive. When you choose to rent from us you’ll get a centralized Connecticut location, free parking, fully furnished suites, free Wi-Fi, and access to several meeting and conference rooms. Check out our advice below on things to consider when renting office space.

Things to Consider When Renting Office Space

Choosing an office based on location and accessibility.

Location is one of the most important factors when an entrepreneur chooses their new office space. It is one of the major factors in determining the success or failure of many organizations. In most major cities, lack of parking availability and lack of free parking are major concerns for workers. Lack of accessible parking is often a reason that workers show up late at least once per month.

Furthermore, a lack of parking can frustrate clients who want to have in-person meetings with you. If the office you choose is in the middle of a city, traffic can and will be a problem for employees and clients. If want to have the office in a city center with restaurants and coffee shops, that may keep employee morale up. Just keep in mind, most modern office buildings offer a kitchen with a coffee maker. You can always stock it with snacks to keep employees fed if there are no restaurants nearby.

Choosing an office space based on the price.

When choosing an office space, the price of the monthly rent must be factored in. This price affects the net income of your business and determines the level of reserves it can manage. If you choose an office that has a lower price, consider that you may get what you pay for. The office might end up being substandard with a poor location and bad work environment. On the other hand, if the price is high, the business may end up spending more than what it can afford. When choosing an office space based on price, make sure there are no hidden charges that may pop up. Maintenance fees, parking fees, and association dues can quickly add up.

Choosing office space based on company size.

The size of the office you choose needs to match the size of your company. Now if you’re a solopreneur who needs a single desk office, a small one will be fine. There is a general rule out there that each employee should have about 21 square meters of space. Remember that your business will likely grow if it is successful, so you’ll need to have the extra space for future employees.

Choosing an office based on your tech needs.

Modern businesses cannot function without quality internet. Fast and reliable internet is an essential factor when choosing an office space. Communication is impossible without it. Having poor quality internet can hinder productivity. Most modern-day offices offer Wi-Fi but there might be an extra cost associated with it. If you decide to rent at OfficePlace, we offer free, high-speed Wi-Fi to all our tenants.

Choosing a furnished versus non-furnished office.

Purchasing office furniture can be one of the highest expenses when renting office space for the first time. Desks, chairs, filing cabinets, tables, and other furniture pieces may add up quickly. Finding space that is already furnished can save you money in the long run but keep in mind that you may not like the color and design of the furniture. You may also need more furniture than what the office is willing to give you. At OfficePlace we offer fully furnished offices but realize our tenants may want something different when they move in.

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