OfficePlace Suite

What is OfficePlace?

Office Place is a shared workplace.

A collaborative workspace or shared workspace is an inter-connected environment in which all the participants in dispersed locations can access and interact with each other just as inside a single entity.

Here business exists within a community to increase productivity and decrease overhead.
No term – monthly offices, daily workspace, hourly meeting rooms, and services for your home office. We have options for every business.

Why work at OfficePlace?

We designed OfficePlace with the modern ideals of creating a minimalist approach to business. We don’t believe in our clients wasting money on space they will never use. With large offices clients are frequently overcharged and sold space they simply don’t need. So we took things back to basics and created a flexible work environment that small businesses and startups can afford. Also, perfect for short term transitional space at OfficePlace, we meet the complete spectrum of office space needs.

Increased Productivity
57% Less Overhead
90% More Passive Business Connections

Where is OfficePlace?

Location, location, location! Between downtown Hartford 15 minutes to the north and New Haven 25 minutes to the south, OfficePlace is at the center of Connecticut. We front Interstate 91 on the Cromwell/ Middletown line, just off Exit 21, Cromwell. Route 9 adds convenient travel to the Connecticut shoreline and the northern bedroom communities of Farmington/Simsbury/Avon and more.

Who works at OfficePlace?

Small Business & Start-ups
Short Term Connecticut Office Space
Consultants and Freelancers

Ready to set up Connecticut shop, get out of the house and into a real office? Before you strike out on your own and get locked into a lease, consider a shared workspace office. OfficePlace is more affordable with minimal start-up costs, furnished, phone and internet ready to go to work and cooler than any office you can find.