If you heard the office chatter prior to the pandemic about someone working from home on a Friday, well, that was usually code for, I’m going to work a few hours in the morning and start my weekend early.

Oh, how things have changed.

Many of us have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly about working from home over the past year. Yes, there are advantages to working from home such as a great commute and a wardrobe that consists of comfy pants, slippers and that professional shirt or top that you have on standby, ready to throw on at a minute’s notice for an important Zoom meeting.

But, I think we would all admit that the monotony of working at home can wear on the best of us and sometimes you just need to change things up.

Here are 7 suggestions to mix up your work at home schedule.

1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Now that the weather is warmer, try working outside and enjoy the fresh air. Look for local parks nearby that have quiet areas not near playgrounds and kids. Don’t forget to bring a folding chair with you so you have a place to sit.

Another option is to simply set up a workstation in your backyard, weather permitting. One added advantage of working outside in your own yard, is that you can most likely stay on your WiFi and not have to switch over to a hotspot or try to find a public network.

Even if it’s just for 30 minutes or an hour, working outside allows you to enjoy some fresh air and a change of scenery. If you do decide to work outside, don’t forget to take a break from work for a few minutes and enjoy the setting. Adding a sense of calm and peacefulness to your day will go a long way!

2. Swap Time at a Friend or Family Members House

More than a year into the pandemic and working at home has lost its luster. Your home, the place where prior to the pandemic you would retreat to for a break, has now become your office and the line of separation between work and family time has completely blurred. You’ve grown tired of seeing the same walls every day.

Try reaching out to family members and close friends in your area and see if they would consider “swapping” home offices on occasion to change things up. Even a few hours a week can give you a change of pace and something to look forward to.

3. Go to the Library

You know, the place you would visit prior to the Internet age to complete all of your research papers! Your local library is a quiet place to get work done as long as you’re not making phone calls or on Zoom calls. Plus, it can be a great source of inspiration for your next project or sales pitch.

4. Take a Workcation

So this is where working from home can play to your advantage since you can work from anywhere as long as you are working. Don’t feel confined to your home. Use this as an opportunity to take a workcation with the family.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to the family beach house, or renting an Airbnb four states away. A workcation is a great excuse to visit that city you’ve always wanted to see.

As the COVID case numbers fall and travel continues to pick up, consider taking a workcation. Your family will love the idea and you’ll enjoy the new scenery. Just remember, don’t forget to schedule in some time to enjoy your workcation!

Need some inspiration for where to go? Travel+Leisure put together a list of the 8 best U.S. cities for a workcation. 

5. Rent a Day Office

Working on an important project and you need a quiet room for the day to focus? Try renting a day office near you. Day offices provide the convenience of a standard monthly office rental, but for a fraction of the cost. Renting a day office is a great option if you only need an office for a day or two a month.

OfficePlace has a variety of day offices for rent. Every office is fully furnished and move-in ready so you can get right to work. WiFi, parking and janitorial shttps://officeplace.com/office-space/ervices are all included in the price. Choose from hourly, half or full day plans.

6. Try a Hybrid Work Schedule

A number of companies are starting to allow employees to return to work either full-time or on a hybrid schedule. After working from home for a year, it’s no surprise that most people don’t want to give up the WFH option.

Have a conversation with your manager about the possibility of a hybrid work schedule. You can work with your manager to prioritize the days that you should be in the office and which days you can work from home. One tip here when having this conversation with your manager, is to work in the office the same days as your boss. This will help keep open lines of communication and give you visibility.

7. Take a Working Lunch

We all need to eat lunch everyday, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to get out of the house and get some work done. Try finding a local coffee shop or family restaurant with a quiet section that you can work through your lunch. Also, consider the time when taking a lunch and how this impacts the volume of customers and noise level. If you can wait to take a later lunch, you’ll have a better chance at avoiding the big crowds.

The OfficePlace team hopes you find these 7 Alternatives to Working from Home helpful. If you have an alternative for working from home that we didn’t cover, feel free to email us at offices@officeplace.com and we’ll add it to this blog.

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