This is the fifth blog in our month-long Get to Know Office Place series. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight our dedicated staff and various office space and meeting room solutions.

Get to Know OfficePlace: Private Offices

The traditional office place that we all knew prior to March 2020 has changed forever. Many organizations have discovered that employees can be productive while working at home and that it might not be necessary to have large office space to accommodate “business hours” anymore.

Where and how we do our work isn’t the only thing that has changed over this past year. A big shift in employment opportunities has been the result of companies facing changing market conditions and their focus on reducing payroll and operating expenses.

Reduced working hours, pay cuts and layoffs have taken their toll. Many Americans have found themselves looking for work and/or are still looking for work.

With this uncertainty and volatility caused by the coronavirus as a background, we find a surge in business startups. More than anytime during the past decade, new startups are being launched and existing ones are showing rapid growth. For some, this is an opportunity to try something new and start that business that they have always been contemplating. For others, it is the motivation to do freelance or set up consulting practice.

Basics for Any Startup

Here are two essentials for anyone thinking about starting a business:

Business location address

(See Get to Know OfficePlace: Virtual Offices) A business address is a “must” for Google mapping, a requirement when establishing business credentials from your local state and a safe and secure way to receive mail and packages addressed to your business.

Office Space

A small private office might be the best way to get your business off the ground. “Going to work” and getting to your workspace in a small place to call your own, free of distractions, is ideal in increasing focus and productivity.

Your office will add credibility to your business and provide a professional advantage in meeting clients and adding resources to your team.

Private Offices at OfficePlace in Middletown, Connecticut

OfficePlace has a variety of private offices available for small business owners. We understand that you are just getting your business up and running and that’s why we make it as easy as possible to move right in and start working.

Every office is fully-furnished with a desk, chair and monitor so you can plug your laptop in and start working. Each office is located in a professional setting at one of our two buildings at Centerpoint Drive in Middletown, Connecticut, just 15 minutes from Hartford. All clients enjoy 24/7 access to this safe and secure location.

In addition to the office space, you will also have access to wi-fi, a full kitchen, a copy room and plenty of free parking.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms Available

If you need to meet with clients or host a meeting with a group of people, you will have access to a variety of meeting rooms and conference rooms. OfficePlace has a total of eight meeting rooms that can accommodate 2-30 people right now under the current social distancing guidelines. Please note that there is an additional charge for utilizing a meeting room.

No Long-Term Contracts 

We understand the many challenges that you face as a business owner – we’re business owners too – and we are here to work with you. There are no long-term commitments with a private office at OfficePlace.

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