2020 has seen a downturn in meeting room occupancy, struggles soliciting new business leads, and changes in tenant retention rates because of the pandemic. There is, however, a positive outlook for the future and office space operators are showcasing their creative and inventive ideas on ways they have adapted to the challenges of the pandemic. Space operators have listed their top priorities for the next year: get existing clients back into the office and gain new business and increase virtual business and conference room bookings.

One of the most surprising things that space operators have noticed, as a result of the pandemic, is how many college students are seeking out places to study outside of their homes and that has prompted the shift towards more flexible, short stay offices to meet the needs of, not just these college students, but of professionals as well.

New Solutions

  • Producing great online events
  • Special pricing
  • Arranging the office to fit social distance requirements
  • Gearing packages towards flexible workspaces and virtual offices

Producing Great Online Events

Learning how to use internet platforms, including social media, to produce online events for associations and tenants is a great way to stay connected with them and keep them engaged and aware of all updates regarding disinfection processes and modifications made.


Before the pandemic, more traditional long-term lease terms were the norm, but space operators should think about special pricing and more flexible terms and conditions for these unprecedented times.

Office Arrangement

Space operators should arrange their offices and meeting rooms to accommodate for social distance and state and CDC guidelines and requirements. Notifying all tenants and clients of these changes, with pictures, is a great way to keep them informed about what you’re doing to counteract impacts of the pandemic and how you have made your spaces safe for them. This allows your tenants to be able to see the new modifications from the comfort and safety of their own home and give them space to make the decision on whether or not they want to venture back into the office.


People are gravitating towards flexible work-from-home/office schedules and virtual offices in order to keep their businesses up and running during the pandemic. Highlighting the benefit of virtual offices with mail services and the ability to have an office daily or hourly – just plug in and bring their laptop – is a great way to cater to the needs of people right now.

While it may be hard to fathom thinking of creative ways to keep your tenants and potential tenants involved with your business, there are ways to bring attention to the great things your business is doing to keep your tenants safe. If you’re interested in flexible office spaces and meeting rooms with flexible terms (hourly, daily, monthly, etc), email us at offices@officeplace.com or call us at 860-419-5900!

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