Building A Loyal Workplace Through Performance Reviews


When it comes to employee performance reviews, they are considered an important component of an employee’s path within your company.  They have, however, become a negative and sometimes scary event dreaded by both the employee and employer. Many employees see them as a session to critique their performance rather than using them as an opportunity to guide employees to the next level of their potential.

As the employer, you need to take the time to explore new ways to deliver your message and eliminate the dread of the review.  Turn this time into an exchange of ideas for improving the employee’s performance and the company’s expectations for staff success. Create goals that can propel both the employee and your company in a positive direction.

This conversation can include eliminating obstacles for employees and providing them with goals that can be achieved. Employers who set goals that employees believe are unrealistic, will find themselves with a staff that has lost interest in their job and confidence in themselves. They tend to believe that their managers aren’t in touch with the “real world.”  This is where performance begins to weaken.

Your review process should contain talking points such as….

  • Building relationships
  • Expectations of performance
  • Honest dialog when offering constructive criticism
  • Ways to achieve challenging goals
  • Consequences for” those who aren’t pulling their weight”

Remember, your objective as a manager, is to inspire your staff to find their capabilities, enjoyment and success in their jobs.  Inspiring your staff instead of just managing them, will result in a loyal, productive workforce and a successful organization.

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