Choosing a Class A Building as Your Business Home


When shopping for a new office, you may want to consider a Class A building.  Traditionally, these are found in more desirable areas and with newer, more modern finishes featuring glass and steel.  Often built as high rises, they can be highly sought after and found close to highways and public transportation in both urban and suburban areas.

While these buildings can be more popular, they are also leased for a premium cost.  It’s no surprise that major companies can be found there as these spaces are looked upon as symbols of success for many corporations.  Smaller companies can grab a piece of this pie as well through smaller, private offices and in shared spaces. This is a good way to make that great first impression which is especially important for start-ups.

Unfortunately, many offices such as those in older homes or buildings can come with problems that may or may not interrupt the ease of your workday.  Newer offices in Class A buildings, let you work without the worries of old fixtures & furnishings, toxic air or construction materials and in some cases, inconvenient accessibility such as long walks from your street or garage parked car to the building entrance.

These prestigious locations often feature meeting rooms available to building tenants as well as outside businesses.  Class A meeting rooms are often constructed with glass walls, or large windows to prevent a feeling of confinement.  They can also be used as a secure meeting place with transparency when you prefer to keep your personal, office space private.

Class A buildings come with many amenities such as comfortable furnishings, high security, clean environment and featuring some of these extras….

  • Free and/or covered parking
  • Fitness center
  • Cafés or common kitchens
  • High speed wi-fi
  • High tech meeting rooms
  • Management on premises
  • “Green” building features

Since finding Class A buildings can be a challenge and time-consuming, using a broker to locate the best of the best may be a great way of narrowing down your choices and eliminating those that don’t fit your idea of Class A.  You may have a vision of what you’d like as a great high-end space that represents you and your image and achieving that for yourself would allow your clients, visitors and associates to get a sense of your business confidence through your presence in a Class A business community.

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