Each day in the United States, 11 million meetings are held. And on average, people attend 62 meetings a month, while 15% of a company’s collective time is spent in organizational meetings. However, in a survey, 71% of managers said meetings are unproductive and inefficient, while 62% said meetings fail to bring employees closer together.

So, have you thought of ways to enhance your productivity, creativity, engagement, team performance by avoiding boredom and repetitious meetings? One of the best ways is hosting your meetings and corporate business events in rented meeting rooms outside your normal office environment.

This will motivate your team of individuals to manage offsite meetings, away from the daily grind and distractions by hosting work meetings offsite at spaces like OfficePlace.

OfficePlace is a cost-effective solution that best fits your Meeting & Conference Room Needs. It is centrally located in the state of Connecticut, perfect for meetings of two to 25+. May it be a training session, just a client meeting for 2 or even an off-hour team brainstorming session, OfficePlace is your Go-To partner!

Here are some reasons, why you should consider having meetings at ‘OfficePlace’ instead of your work place!

  1. New atmosphere will prompt innovation and new perspective

A change in the routine office ambiance will make a huge difference when brainstorming new ideas.

Routine could be nice and comfortable, but it also limits creativity. A change of scenery may be just what you need to spark some innovation or a creative solution to a current problem.

  1. Off-site office meetings aid in developing teamwork

Corporate business events are meant to build friendship and engagement. They’re a chance to bring employees from various sectors together and this will certainly improve team work which in turn will affect the productivity of your organization

  1. Reduced Stress and More focus

Hustle and Bustle from your regular office environment, will definitely interrupt the focus areas of your employees. When people attend offsite meetings, they’re not distracted, and they’re more fully engaged. And this means they are not as stressed as they are, at their usual work place.

  1. Increased productivity

Creativity that is inspired by the new ambiance will in turn affect increase in productivity. Studies show that stress can hinder productivity and negatively impact health, which leads to poor work results and more health-related absences. If your employees are not distracted, if they are relaxed and enjoying their meetings, that will indeed the organizational goals in a positive manner.

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