The staff of OfficePlace has been very busy taking care of our new tenants. Many of our regular offices have been rented by different businesses who have just started up or have been established for a while. Though many of our regular offices are full, we have expanded and still have several day offices and meeting rooms for rent. If you are still working remotely or you are a freelancer, using a day office can be very beneficial. Read on to learn about the five benefits of using day offices.

The Five Benefits of Using Day Offices

A day office gives a business a professional image.

Having a professional image is important for impressing customers and clients. Our day offices have been designed to create an attractive space. They offer natural light, bright colors, and come furnished with modern and comfortable furniture. Renting a day office is a great way to show a professional image without the difficulty and expense of doing it yourself.

A day office makes running a business easier.

When you’re renting a full-time office, you have to worry about internet, parking, cleaning, paying for heat, and more. When renting a day office from OfficePlace, those items are taken care of. We offer free high-speed internet and pay all costs of utilities. All of our day offices are always cleaned ahead of time and we have free off street parking. All you have to worry about is paying for the day office rental.

Day offices offer a lot of flexibility.

The great thing about our day offices is that you have so much flexibility when renting. Having flexibility when using a day office allows you to save money and adapt to fluctuations in work. We also offer small and large day offices for rent so you can work in accordance with the space you need. Booking and cancellation are also easy; we just ask for 24 hours’ notice cancel. Our new online booking system makes this extremely easy.

Our day offices are situated in the perfect location.

Clients and customers who want to meet in person will want to go to a place that is easily accessible and easy to find. We are right off of I-91 and route 9 on the Cromwell and Middletown, CT line. Our location is also very central so if you have clients coming to meet you from Hartford, New Haven, or even New London. OfficePlace is easy to get to and easy to find!

Renting a day office can improve your business mindset.

If you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or small business owner, getting into a serious business mindset can be hard. This is especially true in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Doing most of your work at a kitchen table or at the bar of a coffee shop doesn’t allow you to get into that serious business mindset you need to be able to focus on running it.

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