Tips for Hosting a Training Seminar

With the job market going through a hiring boom, employers must find a way to properly train and prepare new employees for their jobs. Several companies are choosing to still have their new and employees work remotely because of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. Because of this, the companies still need a place to host these training events. These events can cost time and money to plan but they can also save the business money by increasing employee engagement and productivity. Read on to learn some tips on hosting a training seminar. Keep in mind that OfficePlace is an excellent choice when choosing a place to host a live training seminar in Connecticut.

Tips for Hosting a Training Seminar

Keep track of attendees.
Send notifications to your attendees requesting for them to RSVP by a certain date. Keep a spreadsheet of all the employees who have RSVPed. There should be a follow-up plan in place for those who have not responded. Attendance at this training should be mandatory as employees will not be able to perform their job correctly without it. When you have a completed attendance list, you should turn it over to the venue so they know how many people they should prepare for.

Select your venue.
You can’t have a training seminar without a location so if you are handling the planning yourself, be sure to book the location, secure a place for lodging, order food and beverages, and ensure that there is adequate parking. Some hotels will offer a discount to those who book room blocks. At OfficePlace, we offer free and off-street parking and can help you select a local caterer for your event. Contact our administrative staff to set this up.

Create a schedule for the day.
Having a schedule planned out ahead of time will allow you to have time allocated for all the training required. Including regular breaks in the schedule can help trainees retain smaller segments of information as opposed to losing focus. You should also allow extra time for delays from the weather or traffic. If for some reason, you end up with not enough time allocated for all the training, prioritize the most important things employees will need to learn over less critical elements.

Make sure you have adequate supplies and equipment
Besides the standard pen and paper, many companies are now relying on technology to assist in their training seminars. High-speed internet and teleconferencing equipment are a must. You should also make sure you have adequate seating. Some trainees may want to record information on their electronic devices, so it is also a good idea to have electrical outlets for charging devices. OfficePlace offers these amenities and more to anyone who rents our meeting or conference rooms.


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