The venue can make or break the outcome of a meeting or conference. There are several things to look for when selecting a meeting room venue. Cost, location, flexibility, and booking are all things to look for when selecting a meeting room venue. OfficePlace offers one of the best meeting room venues in Connecticut. Read on to learn about the things to look for when selecting a meeting room venue. If you are looking to book a meeting room in Connecticut, please consider OfficePlace!

The Cost of Renting the Meeting Room
You should always have a budget in place so you know what options are available to you. Different types and sizes of meeting rooms for rent may have different costs associated with them. Doing your research ahead of time will give you a sense of the average cost of different meeting rooms in the area. When selecting the meeting room, it is always a good idea to make sure that it is a good value for the cost. A good meeting room venue will carry no hidden costs and give prices up front. The staff should also want to give you a tour of the facility before booking the meeting room.

The Location of the Meeting Room
The location of the meeting room can make or break the meeting’s attendance. An ideal meeting room venue should be close to several major highways and offer public transport. If the meeting room venue is close to an airport, that can make it even more appealing. Off street, free parking can also be a huge draw if the meeting takes place in a city where off street, free parking is hard to find. OfficePlace has a convenient location. We are located off of I-91, exit 21, junction Route 9, on the Cromwell and Middletown, CT line. We have extensive, off street, and free parking as well.

Flexibility With the Use of the Meeting Room
A meeting space that is customizable is ideal because you can set up the meeting the way you want. Ideally you should move the tables and chairs around to the position that you think would be most effective for getting the meeting attendees to listen and interact with each other. You should have the option to use different meeting rooms to suit the meeting’s activities. For example, even though your meeting only has five attendees but you need extra room to do the meeting’s activities, you should be able to rent the larger room. It is also a good idea to provide food or a catering menu that offers food that suits a variety of diets.

The Booking Process of the Meeting Room
Venues that are accommodating to last-minute bookings are always ideal. At OfficePlace we offer flexible booking options. You can book online on our website or contact us via email or phone so that our customer service team can set it up for you. A good meeting room venue will also offer a no-cost cancellation option if the notice is given with twenty-four hours of the use of the meeting room.

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