OfficePlace has had a busy year and as it comes to a close, we are reflecting on the great things that happened in 2021. We created more meeting space and increased the number of offices we have for rent. We also launched a new and updated website with online booking for our meeting rooms. Our meeting rooms have become extremely popular, and we have heard some feedback from our clients on how a meeting room setup affects productivity.

Here are some things they have suggested on how a meeting room setup affects productivity.

A Bright Space in the Meeting Room
Having your meeting in a bright room with lots of natural light is a great way to the morale high as well as uplift moods. A lot of bright natural light creates the illusion of a spacious and open area. When a room is dark or dim it can have a negative impact on the energy of the room. Employees may become sleepy or unfocused in a darkened room where they are trying to work.

The Proper Furniture
Comfortable and thought-out meeting layouts can contribute to team productivity. If people must sit for an extended amount of time, it is wise to have comfortable and ergonomic chairs. Wheels and swiveling chairs are always a good option as they allow people to turn and focus on the speaker or presenter. The meeting space table should large enough for adequate brainstorming and collaboration. Many of the people who rent our meeting rooms set them up in the u-shape or boardroom style.

The Technology
Nothing is more frustrating than having your productivity interrupted by faulty electronic equipment. With the uptick of video conferencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to have all of your meeting technology working for the meeting. Using multimedia that works well can boost the engagement of the meeting participants which can produce a more valuable outcome. Having working technology can also keep your participants engaged and also helps convey information in a more digestible way.

More Plants
A very simple hack for increasing employee productivity is adding some plants to the room. People are naturally drawn to nature and the outdoors because it makes us happier. Studies have shown that when people are working with plants in their workspace, their productivity increases by 38%. Some of our meeting rooms have plants in them but if the one you would like to rent does not, feel free to bring some in for the day.

Block Out the Noise
Noise can affect focus and will be very challenging when your team can overhear it in the meeting room. This is particularly true if the meeting room is near the break room, lunchroom, printer, or copy machines. Besides creating a distraction, excessive noise can also increase the level of stress in the room. Increased stress leads to an impact on cooperation, mood, and productivity.

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