OfficePlace recently underwent a new website design and with it came a new online booking system for our conference and office meeting rooms. This online booking system makes it much easier for our clients to reserve our conference and meeting rooms. When renting a conference or meeting room at OfficePlace, we offer many amenities to help our guests have professional and successful meetings. Today we will be offering tips on how to make your meeting or conference room appear more professional.

How to Make your Meeting or Conference Room Appear More Professional

Choosing the right conference room equipment.
Virtual meeting solutions have become a necessity for many modern businesses. They are even more important in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. If the meeting you are planning involves things such as presentations, training, webinars, or any type of remote work, you need to have several forms of conference room technology. This technology may include conference phones, video conferencing equipment, microphones, and more. Try to make a list of the things you will need prior to the meeting. It is wise to have a list of must haves versus nice to haves. The must-haves will be the equipment needed to make the meeting successful and run it. The nice to haves will be things such as food, drink, a display schedule, or a 360-degree camera.

Keep the conference room clean and uncluttered.
Unsightly jumbles of cords and wires can easily turn off conference attendees because it looks cluttered and unprofessional. Set up your equipment accordingly and then take some time to neatly store the wires. The wires don’t have to be completely out of sight, but they will look neater if they are secured together with cable clips or cord organizers. While the meeting is going on, it is also a good idea to keep the clutter at bay. Make sure you have access to a few trash receptacles to dispose of waste and don’t let dirty coffee mugs and snack containers pile up. Having a clean and organized conference space will make the meeting feel less stressful.

Make sure the layout of the conference room feels correct.
There are several options for a professional layout for your conference room. Different types of meetings require different layouts. For example, if you are hosting a presentation, you will set up the conference in the “boardroom style”. The boardroom style involves setting up seating around a central table. This style works because everyone can see each other and communicate. There is another style called the “u-shape style”. This involves tables placed next to each other in the form of a U. This leaves a space in the middle for a screen or whiteboard to be the focus. It also allows the meeting speaker to be the center of attention and allows them to move around and interact with all of the attendees. It is also a good idea to remember that attendees may feel more comfortable sitting six feet apart with COVID-19 still around.


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