When choosing a facility to host a small or large meeting, you should always choose a facility that will offer a professional and accommodating area to have your meeting. Hotels have slowly been becoming a more popular place to host meetings but there are quite a few pitfalls to hosting a meeting at a hotel versus a meeting room facility. When choosing to host your meeting at a facility like OfficePlace, you’ll be offered several amenities and choices that can make that meeting a success. One of our newer features is online booking. Our online booking is easy to use and offers convenience for professionals who need a way to book a meeting room quickly in Connecticut. Today we will be discussing hosting a meeting at a hotel versus a meeting room facility.

Hosting a Meeting at a Hotel Versus a Meeting Room Facility

Office and meeting room facilities offer services that specifically cater to businesses.

When presenting to a client, it is very important to present a professional image to them. The goal of most of these meetings is to discuss important business matters. A setting that is set up specifically before business provides a better place to accomplish this goal. Hotel room meeting spaces often do not have the necessary to make meetings successful. At OfficePlace, we offer a professional atmosphere that is great for showcasing many types of businesses. Guests who book meeting rooms with us enjoy access to free high-speed internet, free off-street parking, access to high-quality audio and visual equipment, and a full kitchen. You can also enjoy our brand new, easy online booking system for all of our meeting rooms.

Hotels tend to prioritize their overnight guests over meeting room guests.

Even though your meeting attendees are guests at a hotel, it is likely that the hotel employees will cater more to the guests staying in their rooms. If your meeting attendees feel like they are not a priority, this may lead to a negative outcome of that meeting. Hotel meeting rooms may not have access to the necessary equipment and supplies to make your meeting a success. The cost of purchasing this equipment and transporting it can be quite costly. You may also end up paying for high-speed internet usage and access to electricity.

Meeting rooms in office facilities are often cheaper than in hotels.

Hotel managers often take advantage of the fact that business professionals may need a meeting room last minute. This often results in premium rental fees and very strict cancellation policies. When renting from a facility such as OfficePlace, you are more likely to be offered a rate that reflects the amount of time for when you need to rent the room for. We offer meeting room rental options for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates. You will also never be bound to a long-term contractual obligation.

Meeting room facilities offer a more professional environment than a hotel.

When people think of hotels, they often think of fun and vacations. This is the wrong mindset to be in when you are getting ready to have a business-related meeting. Hotel meeting rooms also lack the privacy that you may need if you are in a profession such as an attorney or accountant. Professional office spaces have meeting rooms designed for privacy and are better at creating a professional atmosphere.


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