As companies prepare to reopen post-pandemic, many companies are reconsidering the space that they currently have their business in. As employees return to their office after working from home for a year, many companies are changing their space to help the employees in this transition. Companies are also choosing to rebrand as they try to attract new employees. OfficePlace is an excellent Connecticut office rental choice for a company that is considering getting new office space. We are located right off I-91 in Middletown, CT. We offer large and small offices for all different types of companies. Our other perks include ample off-street parking, free high-speed internet, and free high-quality furnishings. Check out our article this week on signs you need a new office space.

Signs You Need a New Office Space

The office location and commute are a turn-off.
The commute is becoming difficult. One of the biggest complaints from employees that are returning to the office after working from home is their commute. If you are considering moving the location of your office, the location should be one of the top priorities in making your decision. Research has shown that employees prefer a centralized location with ample off-street parking. Offices that are right off the highway and in the suburbs are the most popular.

The size of the office has gotten too small.
If your company has been growing, chances are the number of employees you have is also growing. With more employees also comes the need for larger kitchen space and more bathrooms. When choosing your new office, always make sure there is enough square footage for each employee and make sure there is extra room if you plan to hire more. Always take into account the space you will need for equipment too.

The outside of the office space is a turn-off to clients, employees, and potential employees.
If your office looks rough from the outside, employees, customers, and potential employees may not want anything to do with what is on the inside. Maybe your landlord has fallen behind on the landscaping or maintenance, maybe there aren’t enough windows, but if you find that you’re having trouble getting people in the door, it may be time to reconsider the space. Research has shown that employees prefer to have a space to eat and work outside and if that space looks bad, some employees may not want to return to work after working from home for the past year. Similarly, if you’re trying to get new employees in the door, they might be turned off by not having a place to work outside.

Your company is rebranding, or your company culture needs a revamp.
Sometimes companies not only need more space they also need better company culture. Having a positive and modern office space can help contribute to making that company culture better. For example, employees may perform better if they have access to places where they can brainstorm and be creative comfortably. Having a more open space that still has some privacy can also help in improving company culture.

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