This is the sixth blog in our month-long Get to Know Office Place series. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight our dedicated staff and various office space and meeting room solutions.

Get to Know OfficePlace: Office Suites


The small business that you started has now grown into a small team. While your home office might have worked while you were getting your company up and running, you are now faced with the good problem of needing more space for your growing team.

Work from home is one option, but there is also something to be said about the personal interaction amongst team members in the office. This interaction helps to build camaraderie and creates the perfect environment for new ideas.

As your business continues to grow, you might want to consider a small office suite of 2-3 offices for you and your team. An office suite gives you just the right amount of space for your business and provides you with a professional, safe and secure location.


OfficePlace is Just 15 Minutes from Hartford

Location, location, location!

OfficePlace is ideally located just 15 minutes from Hartford, just off of  I-91, Cromwell-Berlin exit at the crossroads of Route 9. Our prime location makes us very accessible from anywhere in central Connecticut. Plus, we have plenty of free parking for you and your guests.


Fully-Furnished Office Suites

Cost is always a major factor when expanding your business. When looking at potential office suites, you should ask if they are fully-furnished. You might find a great office location for a can’t miss price, but if it’s not furnished you have to factor in those costs plus the time to research, acquire and set up the furniture.

All of the office suites at OfficePlace are techy furnished with desks, chairs and monitors. You just need to bring your laptop and start working! It’s really as easy as that!


Customized Office Suites

We understand that not every business operates the same exact way and that is why we offer the ability to customize your office suite. The team at OfficePlace is here to work with you to build out an office space that suits the needs of you and your team. Our friendly staff is more than happy to discuss your business needs and collaborate on a floor plan that sets you up for success.

Flexible Office Suite Lease Terms

The OfficePlace team understands what it takes to run a business and the need for flexibility. That is why we strongly believe in offering flexible lease terms to our clients. OfficePlace is here to work with you and your business needs. Don’t hesitate to give Kate a call at 860-419-5900 if you have any questions.

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Stop by OfficePlace at 515 Centerpoint Drive in Middletown, Connecticut, for a tour of office space. Our staff will walk you through the available office suites, kitchen area, and meeting rooms for rent and see if there is a fit for you. Call Kate at 860-419-5900 email her at or text 203-314-1557 to schedule a tour.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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