There are many advantages of a virtual office service. They are particularly relevant for the new work model that many Americans are adjusting to. Virtual office rentals are a “best-of-both-worlds solution that can reduce costs and create stability, along with countless other benefits.

Virtual offices have been a great solution for those with home-based businesses who do not want to receive packages at their home nor want to invite their clients in for meetings, signings etc. The virtual office program allows them to hold meetings, have packages and mail sent to a secure location and maybe just pop in to work for a while in a quiet place without distractions. When choosing a virtual office service, there are many decisions to make which will vary from business to business. Ultimately, one of the most important factors in choosing a virtual office service is the provider itself. Virtual Offices are not all the same. Whether they differ on the modernity of the office, amenities or communication from the management team you’ll need to consider some key points.

Location, services and reputation are the key considerations when choosing a virtual office.


When it comes to deciding on the best virtual office provider for your needs, location may be critical. A virtual office can provide you with an address and local presence in an important market for your business. This not only boosts your credibility in the market to which you are selling, but also allows you to be based in a highly desirable location without taking on major debt for an office lease or multiple office leases if you have satellite or branch office in places like Midtown Manhattan in New York, Los Angeles, California or Boston Massachusetts. OfficePlace has the advantage of being centrally located not only within Connecticut but approximately 2 hours from Boston, Providence and New York allowing constituents or colleagues to come together in one place without significant travel on anyone’s part.


While most of the virtual office services will vary from provider to provider, it is important to research those to find the one that fits your priorities. OfficePlace offers a professional mailing address with Google mapping in a Class A building. Also included in our virtual office package is mail distribution, forwarding, along with secure package receipt and hold with notification. At OfficePlace, a virtual office client will also receive a discount for the use of office or meeting room space along with access to our copier/printer/scanner. Clients can also transition easily into a private office if desired.


In addition to a great location and services, as one of the best virtual office providers OfficePlace offers one-on-one service allowing our clients to feel like a member of the OfficePlace family. Our long-time tenants, lease space and repeat meeting business is a testament to our overall success in providing what our clients need. We are also seeing an uptick in new business coming from virtual office providers who may no longer fill their needs. One of the best ways to find the right provider for you is to peruse their website and read the reviews.

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By Kate Fuecshsel

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