Businesses are facing the new challenge of how to adapt to the new norm with the post COVID-19 work landscape raising new concerns about the safety of employers, employees, and their customers. Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen a fundamental shift in how and where people are working. This shift to fully remote in response to the pandemic has exposed weaknesses and opened new opportunities for work environments. How do businesses create healthy and productive workspaces, while keeping employees motivated and inspired? The 2020 and beyond office space needs to be transformed for this to happen. Here are some things to think about:

Hybrid Approach

We have to understand that, currently, if ever, most people don’t want to head back to the office full-time, and employers don’t expect that. People want the opportunity to come back to the office for socialization and collaboration reasons meaning that individual work can be accomplished at home. Providing people the option of flexible office space (hourly, daily, etc.), is a great way to ensure that people will come back to work as they feel they need to.


At this point, we all know that space is a premium asset. The positive is that meeting room layout options can be adapted into socially distant workspaces for employees! The world’s top health organizations are advising that there should be at least 6 feet of physical distance between people working at their workstations. Some spaces don’t allow this, and shared working areas and desks must be kept to a minimum and regularly sanitized and cleaned every day.

Restore Confidence

With the emergence of COVID-19 also comes an increased need for separation, and confidence in safety. Glass partitions, sanitization methods, and appropriate face coverings will all instill confidence in those considering returning to work in an office.

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