The traditional law firm office setup seems to have run its course and now has moved towards coworking spaces, which facilitate and foster collaboration and the stimulation of new ideas. Along with the demand for shared office space, private areas for focused work are still important and that’s where customized office solutions come into play. Here are some benefits that shared office spaces can provide to your law firm:


Law is a very specialized profession with specific practice areas and attorneys more often than not finding themselves needing advice from those in complementary practices. Shared office space encourages collaboration with fellow associates and clients on new ideas, cases, and more. Collaboration and sharing knowledge limits attrition, which contributes to overall happiness and this shift toward shared office spaces allows for a lower pressure environment, resulting in higher-quality work.

Cost Savings

Standard commercial leases can be expensive, and a value-based work structure has become increasingly popular. Shared office spaces allow for a reduction in overhead costs (wi-fi, reception, furniture, etc.) and these amenities are included here at OfficePlace! We’ll also allow for customizations of offices!


Shared office spaces allow for networking and making connections with others in the law community for future referrals and sharing of information. The open environment and networking aspect makes work-life more enjoyable because you’re constantly building relationships. Referrals are also more common in shared office spaces!

Customized office spaces allow for traditional, private offices with additional open areas for collaboration. Each law firm works differently and that’s why we offer individual customizations. Not sure about what type of office space you need – contact us at 860-419-5900 or, and visit us at!

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