Work-from-home (WFH) mandates have many left companies in limbo. At first glance, we thought this pandemic would be the death of the office as we know it, but WFH fatigue has set in after 9, long months.

Flexible office spaces existed long before the pandemic shook up our world, but have recently become popular with everyone seeking flexible office space alternatives. Landlords are now more than willing to accommodate for short-term deals that are attractive to workers and businesses unsure of how to proceed. Lease terms from daily and weekly to short term, 3, 6 and 12 months are out there. Here are some of the options on the market:

Shared office space:

This is typically month-to-month, but with the pandemic raging ahead with no discernible end in sight, day-to-day offices are becoming more popular. Depending on what works for your schedule, you can rent a private office for one day or reserve multiple days a month. Shared office space provides affordability and flexibility that you can’t get in your own home and the allure of a day-to-day office is hard to pass up.

Part-time meeting spaces:

If your company isn’t totally sold on signing onto a dedicated space, but still wants to converge for certain meetings, there are part-time meeting spaces and hourly rentals available to you. (At OfficePlace, we have “safe six” meeting rooms with professional Zoom capabilities designed specifically for a meeting mix of in-person employees and Zoomers! Check out our meeting rooms!

Timeshare space:

While WFH fatigue has us feeling rundown and itching to get out of the house, a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday in-person schedule is no longer a reality. Part-time space has gained traction in order for employees to collaborate and strategize in-person, but they will still spend the majority of their time working remotely. For those who want the privacy of a traditional office, timeshare office space is a great option to split time between home and work.

Lease Flexibility:

There has always been some flexibility surrounding office sharing and coworking spaces, but the pandemic has fueled a growing need for lease flexibility among all types of companies. Commercial tenants are now able to negotiate favorable lease terms to accommodate their now unique needs – traditional office space, individual office space, coworking, etc.

We understand WFH fatigue is becoming unbearable and your productivity is steadily declining with all the distractions that surround you in your “home office.” When shopping for potential office lease spaces in today’s pandemic dominated market, it’s imperative to take into account the level of flexibility your company needs in terms of how much space. You may want the day-to-day autonomy of a traditional office, or if you’re only looking to go into the office some of the time, you may opt for part-time meeting space.

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