Finding a new Place for Your Corporate Meetings

Finding a new place to rebook a meeting after your usual place closes can be like falling down the rabbit hole – wandering into the unknown.  You’re familiar with the staff, the rooms, pricing, and even the location of the rest rooms!  What do you do now?  While finding a new place is as easy as a Google search, does the website tell you everything you need to know?

Your potential venues should always feature real photos – not stock photos of “beautiful” people looking studious during a meeting and laughing in a buffet line.

Be sure your potential venue features professional photos of their space inside and out from a few angles.  Having real photos eliminates the mystery especially to those who may be replacing an old venue with a new one. Lots of photos of the exterior is crucial for the first step in branding and recognition.  Meeting planners like to have an idea of what the building and its surroundings looks like and a photo of the meeting contact promotes familiarity as well. To women especially, this can be a matter of security.  If there is on-site parking, that means no long distance hikes with equipment or scary treks back to their car after a meeting during dark, winter months.

Room descriptions are essential to meeting planning so you can assess the amenities and figure out what you need to bring for the meeting.  The more conveniences offered, the more the facility will rise to the top of selections.  It’s also important to find out what is offered in the meeting room. Do they allow food? Is the technology updated? What extra costs can you expect? Is there an elevator? Great shots and descriptions of each meeting room will make it more comfortable to take a tour with a particular office meeting room room in mind.  If you are a host venue, then this is ¾ of the sale – the rest is up to you!

Reviews are also important to read as you’ll want to know if you’re getting exactly what they’re promoting on their website.  Again, if you are the host venue, be sure to incorporate the most popular forms of reviews on your site for instance, Google reviews can be made within the info box to the right of your listing when your company is Google-searched. Facebook is still popular and can also be a great place to promote yourself and invite comments from current clients.

Most importantly, where is it located – not just an address but how near to other places is it.  How far from the highway or restaurants?  And, of course, Google mapping is always a good resource.

Writer’s Note: Unfortunately, this very scenario happened recently to a local hotel/banquet facility near our facility.   In January 2020, The Red Lion, Cromwell closed their doors.  A popular venue for many years for many area organizations, this has left some folks scrambling to reschedule meetings.  While we at OfficePlace may not have the expansive rooms such as those featured at The Red Lion which accommodated groups of 50 or more, we welcome those looking for meeting space to contact us or come by for a tour of our two facilities.  To read more about this event….

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