Improving Team Collaboration and Enhancing Productivity
By K. Fuechsel

Working as a team has its challenges especially when pairing those who may not normally connect. Some excel at this and others approach it with contempt. When team collaboration is necessary, you need to have everyone on board which means helping those that struggle with this concept.

Bringing many personalities together can be tough to orchestrate. To identify ways to bring these folks together and be successful at enhancing your business operations and productivity, here are a few bullet points to assist you….

Encourage Open communication
Set a meeting with a set agenda so that it is clear what items are to be discussed and worked on.

Keep Individuals Organized
A strong leader will charge his team with the duty of developing ideas individually, assigning tasks within a framework of time and present them to the rest of the team. Strong leadership results in a strong collaborative team.

Inspire Innovation
Team individuals can make presentations on original ideas for projects and present to the rest of the team or key management. This can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis in which other members of the team get inspiration to brainstorm ideas of their own without constraints of budget or deadline to encourage creativity.

Effective Task management
Implement an effective task management system, and your team collaboration will produce results. Data, ideas, and notes need to be organized and documented in a format that will keep everyone working in the same direction such as a calendar with benchmarks. This will keep your team individuals on task, management informed and your clients happy.

One of the best ways to get people to work together and become more confident in themselves and their ideas is through recognition and praise along with constructive critiques.

Find the similarities among the team and point them out building trust in each other and their work. This new perspective may remind them how they each play an important part in the end goal.

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