Face-to-Face meetings are often the best way to go. And the next best thing to being there is Videoconferencing. Meeting virtually, via videoconference, reduces expensive and time consuming business travel and gives you all that extra time back to your busy calendar.

OfficePlace has a large 20+ seat conference room set to go with LifeSize state-of-the-art videoconference equipment. Our staff will provide full tech support and hosting services for you and your team.

Our conference room is fully equipped with a 65” – 4K monitor, projector, conference phone and wall-to-wall whiteboards. Our equipment includes a rear screen projector, video and computer inputs and a document camera.

OfficePlace provides a comfortable, professional environment for those all-important meetings, depositions and training sessions. We can even accommodate 24/7, overseas, middle of the night videoconferences.


  • Instant Virtual “Face-to-Face” Connection
  • Seamless Virtual Meetings
  • Increased Productivity and Participation
  • Eliminate Travel Hassles and Reduce Costs
  • Reliable Hi-Res, Hi-Def Connectivity
  • High Speed Internet and IP Call Capability
  • Pan-Tilt Zoom Camera
  • Full Room Coverage
  • Share Slides and Documents
  • Tech Support On-Demand
  • On-Demand Bookings

Benefits of Video Conferencing at OfficePlace

Hi Tech and fully equipped

OfficePlace has all necessary High Tech equipment including Multi Media projector, a 4k – 65” monitor, wall to wall white boards and conference phones.

Destination Convenience

A great location, just off I-91, Exit 21, Cromwell, your Conference Location is 15 minutes to everywhere! Just 15 minutes to Hartford, and 22 minutes to New Haven, OfficePlace isDestination Conveniencefor staff and visitors.

24/7 access

Meetings during Weekends, Evenings and Off hours? No problem! Our location is open for meetings and conferences around the clock

Free Parking

Free and plentiful parking adds to the conveniences of your workday. Great for hosting your client and guests!

Café Kitchen

Our café kitchen is perfect for breakfast, breaks and lunch. Coffee, water and snacks are always available. Outside catering can be arranged for hosting colleague and client meals and refreshments.

Free Internet and Wi-Fi

OfficePlace is ready for your dedicated connection to our 50MBPS up/down fiber. Wi-Fi is free and available for all your devices. VOIP is also free. Bring your laptop, your phone and your phone system and start working!

Print, Copy and Scan

Our network printer does it all, b/w, color with large size 11×17. Copy and collate, color scan to email, all carefree.

Admin Services

Availability when you need us, we will work to meet your needs. From printing and collating to data input and Word doc editing– scheduled regularly or just in a last-minute pinch– OfficePlace Admin staff will deliver.

Discounts for Frequent Users

Choose your set days per month and take advantage of our preferred rates. Great discounts for frequent users!