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The idea of shared office space may have initially started in bigger cities, but it’s now bringing more and more options to cities and towns in between.  OfficePlace, located on the Middletown/Cromwell Line, has proven to bring office space solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs that have been looking for this type of space, but didn’t necessarily know where or what to look for.

OfficePlace and our shared office space offers:

networking opportunities/social interaction

swapping ideas with other entrepreneurs

increases productivity

Reduces commute time – reducing the time needed to go back and forth to work or needing to make travel arrangements increases time spent in the office (productivity)

Having a virtual office can reduce over-head/carbon foot-print through unified collaboration and communication, in video conferencing, mobility and overall – OfficePlace offers technology solutions for the young entrepreneur or the large company.

Increase efficiency– a virtual presence provides companies visibility to their clients or vendors more readily.

Provides work/life balance – less time making travel arrangements, less time in rush-hour traffic etc.

Reduces the cost of supplies – required furniture, hardware/software and maintenance – Officeplace utilizes state of the art technology to provide support to its clients technology needs/requirements

-OfficePlace offers flexibility that long-term leases cannot offer

The best part? we have availability! Contact our team today at (860) 419-5900 and learn more about our office space for rent with no lease terms or virtual office space.

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