How does OfficePlace work?

Depending on your office needs, we have day office space that you can rent by the hour or day, or an office that is month-to-month, or depending on your needs, you can also have an office with a defined term agreement.

What comes with my monthly service fee?

Our offices are fully furnished 24/7 keyfob after hours access, mail and café/kitchen services, janitorial services, electric, heat, air conditioning. Basically all of your utilities wth the exception of data, is included.

How big are the office at OfficePlace?

They start at 100 square feet on up, depending on how many people you need.

What kind of internet do you have?

ATT&T dedicated, fiberoptic line, with 50 mbp up/down connection.

Is there a way to try out OfficePLace before making a decision?

 Yes, please! We invite you to spend the day at our facility on us, to test drive OfficePlace and see if it’s a right fit for you and your office needs.

Do you have conference style rooms available?

 OfficePlace has a fully equipped, 12 person conference room and a 5 person meeting room available by the hour, half-day, full-day and 30 day blocks of 16 hours.

Is there someone to greet clients and handle basic administrative services?

We have an administrative assistant who will gather and distribute mail, greet clients and assist with office client needs.

Is there free parking?

 Yes there is. We have plenty of parking for all of our clients. 

Where are you located in Middletown?

We are on the Middletown/Cromwell line conveniently located off of exit 21 on I-91.