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There is a misconception in the office place world; a misconception that sometimes deters people from looking at office space further.  These misconceptions are the very reason that the mission of OfficePlace to help so many people, business owners, executives and CEOs under one roof.

OfficePlace isn’t just an office rental; OfficePlace is a location created for those looking to grow and build.  So what sets us apart? What makes us a universal office solution for everyone?

1. We Understand Your Struggles

No one understands the struggles of finding office space more than us.  You’re looking for a place that not only represents you, but represents what your business stands for.  From the moment you walk into OfficePlace, the overall environment is guaranteed to add another layer of professionalism, comfort and professionalism to your company.  Our building has offices that are move-in ready.  Furnishing? We’ve already taken care of it.

2. We Don’t Force Your Stay

If you’re looking for an office space for a day, why should you have to be stuck in a longer lease? If you need it for a couple months, there’s no need to sign a year lease.  OfficePlace knows this, which is why we do not believe in lease agreements.  You determine the time you need, based on your schedule and your busy life.  No matter your need, we can accommodate.

3. Technology and Amenities Available

Free parking, cafe, coffee bar, robust wifi, front desk and assistant to greet your guests, call forwarding, virtual office. Whatever you need, OfficePlace has the accommodations.  When we say move-in ready, we truly mean that.  You’re move to OfficePlace will be a seamless transition with our amenities and ability to meet your every need.

4. Our Conference Room

Our conference room is in high demand and with the need for meeting space, you can now host meetings in our conference room.  Whether you have an office rental with OfficePlace or not; or conference room is available for lease based on your terms. Whether you need a conference room for a few hours, a few days or longer; we will accommodate you and your guests with our technology filled space

These are just a few reasons why so many businesses, both big and small and entrepreneurs in between love OfficePlace.  These are just four reasons why OfficePlace is helping those in Connecticut looking to start off right.  For more information, and to learn our long list of amenities, spaces for rent, meeting rooms and much more, contact us at (860) 419-5900.

We are proudly located in the Hartford Connecticut Area with easy access to all our major highways.

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